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Our rates are charged by the DAY and not by the NIGHT. The day of arrival counts as day one regardless of arrival time. Cats out by 10am on the day of departure will not be charged for that day. If you cat is in after 10am that will count as another day as we will not re-let that unit that day in order that it is clean and disinfected in preparation for the next cat. This ensures a safe environment for the cats.

Pet in an individual room: £8.00 per day
2 Pets sharing a room: £13.00 per day
3 Pets sharing a room: £18.00 per day

DISCOUNTS FOR CATS STAYING OVER 30 days. We specialise in long stay.

Owners who bring the cat's/animals own food may deduct 50p per day per cat/animal. All days must be catered for.

Prescription Diets to be provided by the owner at a reduction of 25p per day.

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